About me

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Ricardo Sodré Andrade was a PhD student in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms at University of Porto and University of Aveiro (Portugal).

Has a bachelor’s degree in Archival Science and MSc in Information Science from the Federal University of Bahia (at Salvador city, Brazil), where he works as an archivist.

Is the editor of Archivist’s Portal (Portal do Arquivista), a facebook page, website and whatsapp broadcast list for students, professionals and archival science enthusiasts (web and facebook).

Has published articles at scientific journals, papers at scientific conferences and books about information science, culture, information, representation and digital information, along with research group colleagues.

Wrote a fantasy novel called The Order of Archivists: The Hundredth (available in portuguese and english. The romanian version is coming soon).

Member of Legatum – Sonus et Imago team.

Editor at 9Bravos publish house.

Former volunteer at Litecoin Foundation and Bitcoin enthusiast.

Creator of Miha.mobi,  Archives World Map and Use Litecoin!.

Research and work interests

  • Technical cooperation between public archival institutions
  • Representation and access of archival information
  • Social media and cloud computing in archival context
  • Digital platforms for archives
  • Digital preservation & distributed digital preservation
  • Information literacy training and skills
  • Government portals
  • Cryptocurrencies


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